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New Motion Beverages & Embolden Beer Co. |


Flavor for every mood. Functionality for every lifestyle. Artisan-crafted beverages for anytime & everyone.


Courageously brewing cutting-edge beer that explores bold new territory, while invoking the legendary history of San Diego craft.


Our team consists of beer and cocktail aficionados that fell in love with Hard Functional. Crafting diverse beverages that keep pace with modern life is our passion!

Discover the future of imbibing


Building a community that celebrates artisan beverages, social connection, and spreading positivity is the New Motion way.

Learn more about our dynamic culture


From brewers to engineers, having a diverse team is our strength! Visit us to meet the people who bring New Motion and Embolden to life.

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Explore the Future of Craft

A place for friends, families, and craft explorers to come together in celebration of legendary drinks, epic moments, and each other.

8655 Production Ave, STE A
San Diego, CA 92121