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Why do we brew what we brew?

Our team consists of long-time Craft Beer and Hard Functional Beverage aficionados and brewers, so the vision for New Motion Beverages and Embolden Beer Company was born out of a simple question- why do these beverage options seem so distant from each other? In 2016, founders Kyle Pool, Andy Sist, Megan Alkana, and Ari Jarrell began homebrewing Hard Kombucha with the ultimate goal of creating a space where beer and non-beer drinkers alike would be able to enjoy the community that is so important to the Craft Beverage scene.

Better Together

This mantra of inclusivity and diversity became more than just a dream in early 2020, when Cody Morris joined our founding team with over a decade of large-scale master brewing experience in the legendary San Diego Craft Beer scene. We knew that destiny had tapped us on the shoulder, and it was time to bring this concept to the world. Thus, New Motion Beverages and Embolden Beer Company were born side-by-side, and on November 21, 2020 the world of Craft Beverages was changed forever by the fundamental truth that time together is only well spent when everyone can enjoy themselves!